Our Family

Many are the memories shared around our table. Grandma’s and aunts all bringing a delicious dish to pass. Kids running around anxious to eat some of grandma’s rustic dinner rolls. Always, there was laughter amidst chatter all the while we were eating. So many memories. So much food. Amazing recipes shared. This is where it started for our family and how we continue to live and eat and make memories that last longer than our lifetime – around that table.

The stories and recipes we have are too many to count. One thing remains true, we long for you to experience a slice of what it is like to gather around a Rykse table. We want you to taste a bit of what would be served, laugh between bites with your family and friends and make memories that you will hold onto forever.

Come gather around!

Rykse’s is known for a number of specialty dishes, including the Oven Crunchy Chicken Breast and the Slow Roasted Pot Roast, as well as our famous home made Chicken Apple Waldorf Salad and our Traverse City Cherry Chicken Salad. And, of course, you must not leave without a Famous Rykse’s Cinnamon Roll!

Treat yourself to one of our delicious breakfasts or lunches today.

Interested in joining the family?

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