It was around a cozy fire where the first conversation started. You could smell the aroma of bread, and even though she has been gone for years now, her wooden recipe box still smells of that fresh baked bread. And to be sure, you will find Grandma Helen’s sticky finger prints on her recipe cards; the recipes she meticulously perfected over the years.

It was around this fire that two brothers dreamed a dream and shared their ideas with their parents of a family run Restaurant. A place in which people would be met at the door by the lingering smells of Helen’s cinnamon rolls coming out of the oven and invited in to eat some of the very meals she served at their long wooden table over the years. A table that holds stories and memories deep in its veins.

It wasn’t an easy road to get the doors open or to even keep them open, but with a family business founded on the word of God and doing what they knew they were called to do, made it possible and good.

Just like so many things in life – there are seasons. Seasons of change, seasons of stepping aside. Seasons of passing along a torch to the next generation or to a different family. And the Rykse family is in a new season of changing, growing and passing along the torch to a family that is founded on the same truth that our family is.  Though they run a very different type of business, they are a family that we are honored to see make our location now theirs.

Our original building on Stadium Drive, where it all started, will be sold to the DeNooyer family as they grow and expand their business.

But that does not mean the Rykse family business is going away. In fact quite the opposite. We are still going strong at a brand new location that is run by the next generation, our son Ryan Rykse. Mark will be joining his son here at Rykse & Co. bringing much of the original and the new together in a way that only the Rykse’s can do.

When you walk into this new restaurant of ours you will see things reminiscent of our roots in where we started. Wooden tables for gathering and the scent of Helen’s fresh baked cinnamon rolls will continue to meet you at the door. Our purpose of joining people and families together around the table, whether ours or your own, and feeding them is still very much the core of who we are. Because we still believe that when we come around the table together sharing a meal, breaking bread, our lives and hearts are knit together just a bit tighter as we make memories.

From our table to yours