Everyone said the food was great, and there was plenty of it!  Thanks to everyone for helping us make our event a successful one.

Nancy E. Taylor; Director of Staff Development; KVCC 10-2-13

I want you to know how very pleased and satisfied we were with both your product and your service.  We will most definitely use your services again and recommend you highly.

Best Regards, Amy Schmidt 9-27-13
Training CoordinatorGreat Start to Quality Southwest Resource Center; Child Care Resources

Thank you for your delicious pies and prompt delivery of them on Saturday.  I have nothing but praise for Rykse’s.  Everything was perfect and so delicious.  The pies were beautiful and a huge hit.  My only complaint is with myself.  I should have ordered 10 peanut butter pies as everyone wanted one to take home.  Alas the PB was completely gone, eaten by the masses 🙂 Live and learn!  Thank you again, your customer service is on par with your pies…perfect.

Laurie V ~ Mother of the Groom 7/27/13

I was very impressed with the service today as was the rest of the company. We will have you back to cater again. Thank you so much for the worry free celebration.


Thanks so much for the delicious breakfast this morning. Everything went smoothly and we appreciate your professionalism and timely efforts. We look forward to the next part of the day with the fajita bar. Thanks from the Admin Team and Kalsec. 🙂

Debbie Orosz


Thank you so much for the prompt billings. And please thank Stacey for me…………….I am always so proud when I get to work with Rykses…..always on time, ALWAYS great food and people always ask who brought the food……………………….IF I don’t tell them first!
Thank you all for a job well done!!!

Peggy Begala
Merck Pharmaceuticals

Please extend my appreciation to the Rykse’s staff members who made our Pfizer safety celebration luncheon a success today. I’ve had a number of people tell me how much they enjoyed the food you prepared and served. In addition to the great food I’m very grateful for how well organized everything was and how quickly you were able to serve 400 hungry construction and maintenance workers. Then like magic you cleaned up and vanished.
Thank you again very much!

John H.

Everything was awesome! Would love that lunch everyday! Too bad you can’t set that salad bar up in our cafeteria everyday:o)

On behalf of all those who recently attended Sales Trainging, thank you for the on-time deliveries, the quality product, and your willingness to do whatever it takes to make Mark and I look successful! The reps commented on how good the lunches were and I appreciate how you come throught for us again and again. I look forward to continuing to work with you on the Sales Training functions and all those other events that crop up!

Marie ‘t Ritsema & Mark Sims
Stryker Instruments

We Have been in the area since October. We often have client meetings where we order lunch for groups of 2 – 15. Lately, we have been ordering about 2 – 3 times per week. I just wanted to let you know that your staff and food has been marvelous. The accuracy and quality of our orders have been almost perfect. One time they forgot chip dip, drove it over to our office, and gave us a few pieces of pie to make up for it, so that was GREAT! I just wanted to pass along that the food, service, and quality has been top notch. Our clients are starting to recognize we offer them such a great lunch, and are starting to form their favorites and ask, “do we get to order lunch from the same place again?!”. Good stuff!

Stephanie; Lookout Ridge Consulting

By the way, you make my job easier by supplying very high quality food, variety, and on time. Everyone really liked the lunches. I said everything was home made. They said they could tell even by the salad that it wasn’t from a bag. Everything was good.

Carol Ann Todd, Flowserve Corporation

We very much enjoyed the food. Everything was delicious-we had enough that those of us in the office ate it for lunch the next day! The presentation was very nice. Thank you!

Char VanderRoest
Heartland Hospice, Kalamazoo

Thanks to you and your crew for helping to make the holiday more fun for the employees here at Flowserve.
We certainly appreciate your willingness to make sure all shifts are treated equally by getting a wonderful, hot, fresh meal.
Take care and Merry Christmas!

Linda Bryan
Administrative Assistant
Flowserve Corporation

Michelle Dekema
Human Resources Department

Thanks again for your quick response to our late request. You are the best!

Judy Rose
Facility & Event Manager
M-TEC in the Groves

Hi there!
I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be in the office when you returned. The event was wonderful and everyone commented on the food. Thank you again for the great service and delicious eats!

Thank you!

Anetra Grice
WMU-STEP Program Director
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Thanks for going the extra mile on this one!

Judy Rose
Facility & Event Manager
M-TEC in the Groves

If you haven’t heard this lately! You guys are truly the BEST!!!!!!

Chris Unangst, CPS
Administrative Assistant
Stryker Instruments

Hi Stacy,
The event went very well and the food was delicious! Thanks for putting it together for us. My mouth is watering just thinking about the
turkey! 🙂

Nice job!!!


Everything was great! I really appreciate your sending more potatoes- I was a bit worried (we have a lot of big, hungry workers around here J). I received many compliments on all of the meals and many “Is this Rykse’s? They always do such a nice job.” Thank you again for all you do so others like us can enjoy good food!!!
Happy Holidays,

Paw Paw Wine

Hello, over the holiday (Thanksgiving) I had some of your dinner rolls which changed my life! 🙂 They were amazing! I wanted to know if you do shipping for those awesome dinner rolls? Please let me know!!!

All the best in your sucess!


Congratulations!!! I read that you were voted, “Best Desserts” (so true) and “Best Family Restaurant”. As always, Rykse’s is MY favorite restaurant!

-Sandy Eschelbach

The lunch Saturday was wonderful. We really appreciated Brittany setting
it up so nicely. Some of the teachers even commented on their evaluation
forms that it was the best lunch they have had from any of our workshops.

We appreciated the personal touches, and the food was delicious. I’m sure
we will be calling you for future workshops. I told anyone who asked that
the meal came from Rykse’s, the next time, you can include a handout with
advertising or at least a little table sign with your name and number.

Thanks for making it so easy for me.

Cathie, Western Michigan University

Rykse’s Toast and Grandmother’s Love

Throughout my younger years I always had the opportunity to have many visits with my grandparents. Some of my favorite memories of being a child are the times I got to spend with my grandparents. My grandmother made the greatest toast that I have ever eaten. We call it Rykse’s Toast. Those of you familiar with the area know of the restaurant Rykse’s. Well, I always thought that the toasts name was “Rykses”, that’s what my grandmother referred to it as. Every morning I woke up, my grandmother would make me two slices of Rykse’s toast with butter and peanut butter. It was the greatest toast I ever had. The sad thing was that I could never duplicate that great taste that my grandmother could produce. I made my mom buy the same peanut butter, butter, and Rykse’s bread, but still could not make the toast the same way that my grandmother could. Even when my grandmother came to visit us in Detroit she could make that same great toast that she makes in Kalamazoo.

It took me many years to figure out that it was not the ingrediants used or the brand of toaster; it was the person making it, my Grandmother Patricia Anderson. It was the love that made that toast so great; not the bread, butter, or peanut butter. I always believed she made it special for me as she had done so many things for all of her grandchildren that were special to them. Grandma was a loving, generous, caring and supportive woman that loved her husband, children, grand children, and great grandchildren.

I will miss my grandmother and embrace all of the times that I had with her. She has a special place in my heart, even though I almost took her out when I hit a home run ball into her chair at a baseball game she was watching me play. But then again, I told her I was going to hit a home run for her.

– John Pickell IV

We stopped by Rykse’s looking for breakfast and found a feast. It was amazing. Can’t wait to come back. The cinnamon rolls were the best I have ever tasted and also the largest I have ever seen! I would like to thank you for the wonderful meal.

-Rachel Peine

I want to let you know how much we appreciated your excellent service and the wonderful food that Rykse’s prepared for our Haworth picnic on Saturday. The rain may have moved our event indoors, but that didn’t dampen our picnic. Everyone talked about the great selection of food items and how delicious everything was. You did a fantastic job of getting everything set up in a short time, keeping everything hot and fresh, and whisking everything away in record time after the picnic was over. Delivering the left-over food to the mission was a great way to end our day. Thank you for taking care of that, as well.

Once again, thank you for your continued outstanding service to our college.

-Cheri Edgar
Office Coordinator
Department of Business Information Systems
Western Michigan University

Oh my gosh, there were so many raves about that dinner (catering). Thank you.

Deb Vliek
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent